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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables at Home: Creat

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Energy conservation is a hot topic at the moment. It is clear that energy conservation is a worldwide problem. Also, it is of interest that conserving energy is quite simple to practice as a single person.

Before we discuss some tips to help with your energy conservation, lets look at some of the ways that energy conservation has been defined:

* Energy conservation is protecting the planet.

* Energy conservation is intergenerational duty.

* Energy Conservation is frequently the quickest and most cost effective method of cutting your energy bill.

* Energy conservation is doing anything that results in the use of less energy.

* Energy conservation is mostly about adjusting habits and comprehension.

* Energy conservation is the act of improving the way you use energy so that we can achieve greater usable output for exactly the same energy consumption.

* Energy Conservation is important for lots of reasons; social, environmental and economic.

* Energy conservation is an important topic where ordinary citizens of any age or background can have an instantaneous, significant impact on our world.

* Energy conservation isnt something that need only be practiced whilst at work.

* Energy conservation is one of the most practical ways of both lowering greenhouse gas polution and reducing the cost to the consumer.

* Energy conservation is advantageous to the overall economy.

If conserving energy is so terrific, why aren't we doing more of it?.

Heads of state wish to improve our energy conservation, and the best way they may decide to achieve major energy conservation improvements is to hike the prices of electricity or gas. Currently, energy conservation is justifiably efficient, cost wise, with a quick payback time and reasonable investment. As heads of state raise purchase costs, the fairly rapid payback time gets shorter still and the cost benefits even greater.

Consumer awareness today concerning energy conservation is a hundred times greater than it was two decades ago, but it still isn't adequate. Indeed, improving awareness of energy conservation is becoming increasingly urgent because electricity consumption is developing much faster than our capacity to generate power.

What can we do to help ?

Clearly, there are many people worried about their heating bills this winter.
Remember that heating and pumping water is sometimes a big section of your electric bill. The cost of gas is at an all time high and heating oil isnt getting any cheaper either.

So, what options do you have to help save some of your hard earned cash and help the environment?

The best tip of all is to switch things off when you aren't using them. Television, music center, lights etc. Don't even leave things on 'standby', it still uses energy without need.

Most power is used by heating, so carefully adjusting the temperatures on your thermostat is the biggest energy conservation step you can take.
Another good idea is to check the air filters on your heating and cooling system monthly.
Want a hot drink? Use microwave ovens instead of hotplates or kettles for heating water.

Changing your heating system? Select energy-efficient equipment when you buy new heating and cooling equipment.

If you are considering buying a gas fire, choose an efficient flueless design. With the latest hi-tech designs, absolutely no energy is wasted and lost up the chimney as it is with a conventionally flued gas fire. As a result all the heat generated warms your room. This means better energy costs and excellent energy efficiency. They are also far kinder to the environment, as the latest catalytic gas technology means the fire actually cleans the air it uses.

In conclusion, energy conservation is the end result of a lot of small things that produce a significant impact.

If you make enough of those small changes, energy efficiency and energy conservation are a win-win combination.

Roger Wakefield is a staff writer at: DRU Gas Fires ... a manufacturer of modern high efficiency gas fires.